What Are The Best Ways to Use an Online Learning Platform?


With all the technologies that are coming into being over the last couple years, it is becoming tough to go on-campus classes alone. Learners now have fewer and fewer choices that are available to them. Some of these online alternatives include instructional videos, corporate online learning platform curriculums, media rich learning environments and AI supported knowledge sharing platforms

According to Learning Magazine

1. Know your learner well prior to designing a course or platform. Educate yourself about their day-to-day responsibilities

2. Ensure high-value content throughout the course is easy for learners to remember at their convenience

3. Design sequential content in a format with appropriate quizzes and activities

4. In few words: teach one thing at a time so that new material builds upon earlier knowledge

5. Keep learners accountable for what they've learned by requiring them to take quizzes/post mixed reactions

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